"You are the Average of the Five
​​​​​​​People You Spend the Most Time with"
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The Power of 5 Hosts
We've 'been around' the information marketing business for a long time and we know what works.
Shawna Kaminski
Mick Olinik
Dr. Dan Ritchie
Do You Feel Like You’re on an Island?
Isolated & Alone With Your Business?

Keep in mind that...

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

-=- Jim Rohn

So, With Whom Do YOU Spend YOUR Time?

If you’re reading this you provide valuable services but likely no one in your immediate world really understands what you do…
You have an online business and great contacts ‘out there’ but you have little ‘face to face’ time with others doing similar BIG things…
Look, working in the online space can be a lonely vocation.
We have the advantage of working ‘where ever we want’ but that usually means working from a remote location in the absence of other online marketers.
We just don’t have the chance to ‘network’ like other people with brick and mortar businesses.
Wouldn’t it be great to have the opportunity to rub elbows, share war stories, connect and grow with others that can relate?

Enter The Power of 5 Mastermind

This is an exclusive ‘invite only’ two-day event designed to bring movers and shakers together so that we all can create more impact and...

We've hand picked YOU
​​​​​​​to be part of this event!
We’ve created this opportunity for people like YOU who want to increase their ‘power of five’. 

Of course you ‘may’ have nice people in your neighborhood, but you need to have BIG players in your rolladex to get you to the next level. 

Our ‘big promise’ is simply that you’ll have the opportunity to ‘network to increase your net worth’. 

The focus of this event is on RELATIONSHIP BUILDING because we all want to do business with friends.
We’ll use the principle of speed networking to help you get a jumpstart on relationships with other attendees. You’ll get face time with each and every person in the room.
We’re creating an environment conducive to the free flow and exchange of ideas.
Remarkably, this will be achieved ‘outside’ the conference room – and by that, we mean OUTSIDE in the great outdoors.
There’s nothing that gels a group together like adventure!
A portion of each day will be devoted to a guided (and safe!) adventure at our selected destination. ‘Adventure’ breaks down pretenses so that we get to know other entrepreneurs as PEOPLE first.
During and after these adventures, our business ideas can really flow so all our businesses can GROW.
Take A Look At What We Have In Store For You!

Our first ‘Power of Five Mastermind’ will be May 2-3, 2019 in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada.

 How do you guarantee your spot? 

Simply register at the link below and we’ll get you all the details you need.

Be Part of The Power of Five Mastermind
Success Stories
See how we've helped other entrepreneurs and business owners scale and rise to the top in their markets.
Debbie Bertie
​​​​​​​@PhysiqueForty on IG

"I have followed Shawna for years and even bought one of her programs, as I felt she was the real deal.  She was knowledgeable and living proof of what she taught.

I’ve always had great respect for her, so when the opportunity presented itself that I could be coached for her, for my on line business, I was so excited.  

As she a coach, Shawna guides you with her extensive knowledge, to help  you every step of the way.  She has a very hands on approach and is always there when you need to run a quick question by her or just need a boost.

She has achieved what I’m striving for,….. a very successful on line business. She’s a great role model. 

I don’t know about you but I want to learn from someone like Shawna who has built her business from the ground up.  She’s been there and knows the challenges and can help you avoid some of them.

You never feel rushed during your weekly coaching calls… and she is so open to share every bit of knowledge and wisdom she can.  She’s a great listener and encourager!

She’s fantastic and I highly recommend Shawna if you want to learn from the best."

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Erin Romeo a.k.a. FoodPrepPrincess
​​​​​​​Published Author

"When I was introduced to Shawna, I had no idea what the possibilities for my business could look like. She’s helped me working to streamline my business immensely.

My focus and direction are clear, so much so that I’ve scaled my business more in three months and then I did in an entire year.

Shawna’s specific marching orders and weekly check in’s give me the accountability I need. The best part...I’m earning while I am learning!

Having Shawna as a mentor helped me achieve my goals and create new ones I didn’t even know existed.

By coaching with Shawna, I am growing my business, earning more money and have a greater impact in the world."

Bedros Keuilian
​​​​​​​Owner Fit Body Boot Camp

"Mick is second to none, and their experience and expertise is invaluable in helping me grow my empire."
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Brian Stecker
Founder of Boomer Fitness

"I didn’t know what to expect when joining a mastermind. Fast forward four years. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mastermind.  The people in the group are uplifting and I was given specific actions I needed to take to make progress.  An added benefit is seeing the impact business growth has made on my clients' lives."
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Jason Philips
Founder of iN3 Nutrtion & NCI Certifications

"Mick & Rockstar have consistently over delivered every time - Rockstar is a very fitting name!"
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Holly Kouvo
Founder of
Fitting Fitness In

"I achieved every goal I set out to achieve in the FAI Mastermind.  My goal was to expand my business online.  The connections I made through the Mastermind helped get my online business going, as well as helped me grow my email list by over 2500 addresses.  Dan and I ran a weight loss summit together, and I was invited to speak at numerous online summits.  If you want to achieve your goals you have to do everything they tell you to do.  I would highly recommend working with Dan and Cody in their Mastermind group."

Be Part of The Power of Five Mastermind

Here are a few event details...

We’ve arranged for reduced rate accommodations at the beautiful Banff Center. Upon registration, more details will be sent your way with a link to book your room.
*FYI – The room rate is $140CAD/night

You’ll fly into Calgary International Airport. Banff is just an hour scenic drive away. There’s an airport shuttle or you can rent a vehicle.
Be Part of The Power of Five Mastermind